Two Princetown B&B owners are due to appear on a TV reality show competition - only three years after trading in their careers for the dream ownership of a Dartmoor haven for hikers, cyclists and motorists alike.

Nikki and Terry Hirst and their B&B Ramblers’ Rest will feature in Channel 4’s Four in a Bed later this year.

Ramblers’ Rest is not your typical B&B, offering guests the comfort and quality of a luxury stay, combined with the flexibility of a semi self-catering haven.

Ramblers’ doesn’t offer a breakfast, so guests can either eat at one of the neighbouring cafes (supporting the local economy) or make their own in the comfort of their room.  Just in time for filming, Ramblers’ Rest had a hot spa pool installed. 

Left Nikki and Terry Hirst are due to feature on Channel 4's Four in a Bed with three other owner/competitors.
Left Nikki and Terry Hirst are due to feature on Channel 4's Four in a Bed with three other owner/competitors. (Channel 4)

Three years ago Nikki, a former teacher, and Terry, a carpenter, traded in their careers for the dream of owning a charming getaway on Dartmoor. 

“They bought the Ramblers’ Rest, formerly the Railway Inn, which had been a guest house in the past, so they had to build everything from scratch.’’

Nikki, with her experience in hospitality, marketing, and business, took the lead on guest relations, online presence, and managing the rooms.  Meanwhile, Terry's carpentry and building skills became invaluable in renovating the property and developing new guest areas.  Through a combination of learned skills and their own expertise, they transformed the Ramblers’ Rest into a ‘welcoming haven’.

She said: "We're absolutely delighted to be part of Four in a Bed. While most Dartmoor accommodation leans towards the basic or traditional B&B, we believe we cater to a specific market – those seeking a touch of rustic luxury after their outdoor adventures.  This was the perfect opportunity to showcase our unique offering.”

Terry said: “We had a fantastic time filming.  Meeting the other proprietors was a highlight – there's always something to learn from fellow providers, and we definitely made some new friends along the way"

The Ramblers’ Rest will be on each night starting on Monday, April 29 until Friday, May 3.